Each and every day, all of us are faced with making decisions and choices that impact our lives, and the lives of those around us. Sometimes, these choices are pretty mundane and fairly   innocuous, and other times our decisions are quite challenging and can easily be destructive.  Often, the poor choices we make cause us to question our value to society or our ability to be contributor, but God’s word provides us with an abundance of examples of redemption from the worst of mistakes.

We have all read or at least heard the courageous story about Moses parting the Red Sea with his staff so the grumbling Israelites can escape recapture or death from the Egyptians, but have you ever wondered what thoughts went through Moses’ mind when God called him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt? “Are you kidding me Lord, have you forgotten what I have done,’ was likely his reaction. You see, before his name ascended to the top of the best sellers list, he lived in the desert for 40 dealing with the regret and shame of killing an Egyptian man. Fortunately for him though, the Lord had bigger plans for Moses that to live out his life in seclusion!

We read in Exodus that the Lord appeared to him in a burning bush and gave him instructions to rescue the Israelites, but Moses was afraid because of past and the poor decisions caused him to feel inadequate. “Please, anyone but me,” he begged as he questioned his worthiness of the Lord’s request and argued that his stutter would prevent the Israelites from listening to him.

Many times in life, the hardest forgiveness to achieve is from yourself, but God’s word tells us he will fight for us if only we will be still. If you are like me though, sitting still is as painful as stubbing my toe on the bedpost. They say that a lifeguard must be extremely cautious when attempting to save someone from drowning because the victim often times will refuse to respond to the lifeguard’s instruction to relax so they can pull them to safety.

Running from our past mistakes only creates bondage and discouragement and prevents us from enjoying the life and destiny that was planned for us. We will never be good enough or make all the right choices in life, but understanding God’s love, forgiveness, and grace extends far beyond all understanding should be sufficient enough for us to forgive ourselves.